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Face Forward Facial Studio

Bradenton's Best Kept Spa Secret
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"Changing Skin Care regimens one client at a time."

relax  rejuvenate  renew

Enjoy serenity at Face Forward with a relaxing Facial or a Mani/Pedi.

                                  This location opened in 2011.
  As an Esthetician, Miss Gini celebrates 12 years of experience bringing her clients the most current and innovated products and treatments available to help you #agelater.

  With over 25 years of experience, Miss Myrna keeps your nails looking their very best.  Newest designs, products and State Approved techniques keep her clients coming back.

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Miss Gini        941 704 2238

Skin Care Practioner
Licensed Make Up Artist
Master Licensed Esthetician
Board Member Manatee Pageants
Hernando DeSoto Queen Pageant Sponsor

Skin Care Services

  All Facials are customized per client. I love starting out with a Classic European Facial to get to know your skin and your needs and desires.
  Brides, Teens, Pregnant, Sensitive and Rosaceae Clients love my Purification Facial especially with deep cleansing followed by effective enhancers
   Acne Focus Facials are so important.  I love the results using cutting edge products and devices. AVAILABLE AS NEEDED: LED Blue Light Therapy and the Acne/Milia Defeating Device.
$75.00 - $110.00

A Little More Advanced

  After establishing your Skin Care Goals we step into a range of Stepped Up Facials to reach those goals.
   Where the Classic European Facial Focuses on relaxation and research, the Advanced Facials really work to reach your Skin Care Goals.
  If you are looking to brighten, tighten and plump up your collagen, I have a wide range of techniques to put that glow back into your skin.
AVAILABLE AS NEEDED: LED Light Therapy (Red or Blue), Diamond Tip Friction, 
$90.00 - $150.00

Anti Aging Solutions

  These are the heavy hitters on my menu.  More intense.  Based on a philosophy of Correction, Prevention and Nutrition.  I do start clients slowly to make sure we are not compromising their skin but enhancing it.  All Peels are customized to reduce the appearance of aging, loss of collagen, lax and dull skin.
  Once we get started with these solutions, proper at home care is necessary
$110.00 - $130.00

Lashes & Brows, Oh My

Why not grow your own!
Why not enhance your own!
I love what Revitalash has done to my lashes and brows.  They are long, lush and strong. No need for extensions.
I offer Waxing, Tinting, and Perming for your natural lashes and brows.
Tinting ingredient is  vegatable based so there is no burning or irritation and lasts a full 6 weeks.

Derma Planing

  Derma Planing diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It promotes faster cell turnover and gives the skin a "dewey" look.  Instantly smooth's skin's texture.
  Unlike facial waxing it is non-invasive and has minimal side efects and little or no downtime,  It provides immediate results with no pain. 
  Derma Planing is suitble for all ages and Fitz scales.  Most skin types can benefit from treatment but it is not recommended for acneic skin.

Make Overs

Fashion Shows
Every Day Make Up

In Studio
On Site

Official * Exclusive * Authorized

Face Forward is very privileged to be considered an exclusive retailer for the below products.  Click the buttons below to visit their sites.  Full line of products, fully stocked in my Studio.

Image Skin Care

Their philosophy (and mine) is simple:
Image Now. Age Later.
In order for your skin to age later, we must add ingredients to the skin daily for healthy, balanced skin.

Read more

The leading physician developed, award-winning collection of premium beauty solutions designed to revitalize and enhance the health and natural beauty of your lashes and brows.

Read more
My Dermatician

  My Dermatician allows you to cleanse your skin like I do! The dermal sonic treatment helps maintain spa-like cleansing with gentle pulsations that are channeled through soft silicone touch points.  This advance technology removes dead skin cells, eliminates trapped  oils and embedded make up residue.

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Myrna Thompson          941 567 7154

Master Nail Technician

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