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Miss Gini

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Welome to the Face Forward Facial Studio,

Whether you are looking for a relaxing European Facial or you want to target a specific skin issue, I create individual treatment programs to produce results that will make you feel great about your skin and appearance.

I make a clinical skin assessment by examining your skin and discussing what you like about your skin and what you'd like to change.  Every individual is different, so are your needs.  As a Paramedical Esthetician, I have been trained to target those needs and produce results.  As a Makeup Artist, I have been trained to enhance your features and produce results.

Visit the Face Forward Cosmetics tab to see the newest in cosmetics made in the USA and featured in my studio.

When you walk out of the Face Forward Facial Studio you will look and feel on top of "Your World."

Miss Gini
Skin Care Practioner

Paramedical Esthetician
Licensed Makeup Artist
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