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    "A Beauty Spa"
    2038 43rd Ave West
    Bradenton,  Florida
 941 704 2238

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Miss Gini

Just For Men

Men need that quiet time to escape from the pressures of the real world,
just as women have been doing for years.
Guys, today is just the day to make some time for "pampering" !

Deluxe Men's Facial


Includes deep cleansing, exfoliation,
extractions, massage &

Issimo Guy Gear products for men are free of controversial ingredients and packed with oils and extracts at truly effective levels.

Simple, straightforward, and effective clincial
skin care products developed especially for men, by men.

Issimo Guy Gear
products feature
certified organic ingredients,
no additional filler,
no fragrances,
100% natural preservative base,
100% recyclable packaging, and no artifical colors.

Enjoy a noticeable improvement in the touch, look and feel to the texture of the skin when you use Issimo Guy Gear products.





 Tri Wash
Hair, Face & Body Wash
8.5 fl oz

 Face Art
Glide Shave
8.5 fl oz

 SPF 20 Spray
4.0 fl oz

 Eye Thing
0.5 fl oz

Gush Face
2.0 fl oz

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