Quench & Refresh

Radiance Refresh Facial

Quench your summer skin with a Radance Refresh treatment that's perfect for all skin types and helps to brighten, hydrate and diminish lingering signs of dullness.

Continue quenching that summer skin:
Why get a Quencher Kit during the Summer? It's hot outside and we sweat just going to the car to get groceries. BUT 95% of the day we are in Air Conditioning drying out our skin. We need to give it a quenching, brightening boost at least once a week. That's what I love about this kit. Use the Overnight Masque that stays on till morning, remove it with just a splash of water. Apply the Water Burst next to quench it all day. Add the Hydrating moisturizer for UVA, UVB, Digital Defense and HEVL protection. Do you sit in front of a computer, lap top, tablet or phone screen at all? Then you have been affected by High Energy Visible Light (HEVL). Just doing this treatment at home once a week, will give your skin extra protection along with brightening and hydrating your skin. Oh and did I tell you I throw in a shot of YANA and a .5 oz tube of Vital C Anti Aging Serum all in a cute summer cosmetic bag for FREE.

                            Summer Special
              Radiance Refresh Treatment $ 90.00
                         Gift Set 15% off Retail

Glow Getter Facial

August Special

Glowing skin is in and this facial will deliver the glow you are after.
Harness the power of brightening botanicals, tranexamic acid,
vitamin C and antioxidants to boost luminosity and improve skIn clarity.
Perfect for all skin types, this luxurious treatment will soften, hydrate and
promote radiant, healthy looking skin.
This treatment uses 4 of Image's newest products that you can purchase
after the facial at a 15% discount

Iluma Facial Illuminator

Iluma Exfoliating Cleanser

Hydro Gel Mask

Max Wrinkle Smoother

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Let's Get You and a Friend Ready

Choose any Facial or Skin Treatment for yourself during August and receive a Gift Certificate for a
featuring the Gua Sha tool.

Most of you have already been into the Studio for a recent facial and have enjoyed the Gua Sha that I incorported into your treatment.  I bet you have a freind that would love this Gua Sha also.  So let's treat them to something calming and refershing .
And as an added bonus just for you during August, your name will go into a drawing to recieve a FREE Gua Sha tool to use at home.