The New Look of I Beauty

From Image Skin Care

As much as I love my skin and I believe it looks pretty good for almost 68,
I'm still a little self conscious without a dash of make up on.
So since I've pitched the mask when I can, I'm covering up with
"I Conceal" foundation from Image.
Over the years the formula has improved. They have added anti oxidants,
SPF, oxygenating and nourishing botanical ingredients.
It is an all in one illuminating, lightweight and water resistant foundation that heals and conceals.
Application is smooth, coverage is awesome, with no movement (running).
If you have oiliness in your T zone, no problem. Apply the Blur Gel first,
let that set a bit before you apply the foundation.
The silky texture Blurs imperfections while softening your look.
Its loaded with potent antioxidants, plant-derived stem cells and botancals
to support your healthy skin.
The more I have been playing with color, the more I am enjoying using I Conceal.
You can also, contour, highlight and use it to conceal under the eyes.
Come and play with the colors to find your fit and grab an I Conceal Beauty Kit.
This bundle includes: I Conceal Foundation, I Beauty Blur Gel, I Beauty Facial Wipes
and one of Image Skin Care exclusive I Beauty Foundation Brushes Free with purchase.
All this Beauty packed into a waterproof cosmetic bag.      Retail: $102.00